Friendship quiz 🎉 How well do your friends know you? 🤔

Bestie game

How to create your bestiegame friendship quiz

The “Friendship Quiz” is a fun game where you can see how well your friends really know you. It is a quiz where you can make up questions about yourself and see how well your friends answer them. We have made it fun with emojis and GIFs and easy to use with pre-made questions and an easy-to-share link!

Step 1. Create your questions

We have prepared 10 fun questions for you to use if you need a quick quiz. If you have a bit more time and want to personalize the quiz further, we’ve made it possible for you to create your own questions, complete with both emojis and GIFs to make your quiz pop!

Step 2. Add invitation details

All the questions are done and ready to be shared, but you just need a bit more information about the quiz. Add your picture and some text on why you think your friends should play your quiz.

Step 3. Share your quiz with friends!

Your quiz is done and ready to be shared. Share it with as many people as you’d like and wherever you like. With our easy-to-use and sharable link, anyone from anywhere can access the quiz, but only if you have sent it to them.

Step 4. Quiz on!

It’s up to your friends now – who knows you the best? Thanks to your well-defined questions and our fun emoji and GIF creator, your friends are enjoying the quiz. Perhaps they’re having so much fun that they’ll create a quiz themselves for you to answer.

Step 5. The scoreboard

While the questions are being answered and your friends are being challenged, we keep a score on who is doing the best and worst. Our scoreboard is for both you and your friends to see who truly knows you the best.

And there you have it. You now know which of your friends knows you the best!